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What is Cyldan?

Cyldan is a multiplayer online game.

Pictures of current Cyldan can be found from: here and the older version of the game from here.

The game is a hobby project, so progress is often slow or nonexistant for long periods. As soon as the game is basic feature ready, server should be up 24/7.

Cyldan latest news

2018.04.07: Server currently down

Server is currently down pending some heavy refactoring of the game design. I'll show more information about it when some is available.

2017.12.09: Patched to 0.20.0:

Features / changes:
* Added guilds.
* Reduced npc damage by about 10%.
* Reduced npc health per level by 15.
* Added randomly spawning rare and boss npcs. They are just stronger version of the same npc with increased experience and some guaranteed loot.

Bug fixes:
* Fixed hate generation items and skills.
* Fixed npc elemental resistances and damage.
* Mana potions properly weight 10 instead of 100 now.
* Can no longer cast damage spells on targets that would make the caster criminal, if target protection is on.
* Fixed a problem where toggling fullscreen would make the windowed mode topmost.
* Fixed a problem where identify windows would often not update even when closed and reopened.
* Fixed a bug in item identify where item enchantments view would always show maximum number of free slots instead of actual free slots.
* Fixed a bug where occasionally when dying crim, player would have spawned in different map than the current one and sometimes away from spawn object.
* Fixed trainers, bankers and vendors in mainland cities, round 2.

* Added dozens of missing item formulas.
* Added elemental item formulas.

* Fixed Holy Shield skill not giving the damage reduction.

* Commanding presence: Decreased extra hate generation from 400% to 100%.
* Commanding presence: Decreased cooldown by 5 sec.

2017.09.02: Patched to 0.19.0:

Features / changes:
* When salvaging items, the result (ingots, leather, etc) will be attempted to add to existing pile if a pile already exists in inventory.
* Added cooking.
* Added mouseover tooltips for the item names in player identify window.
* Increased party spoiling experience difference to 4, up from 3.
* Increased party experience penalty from 20% to 25%.
* Added 5% experience bonus if party leader has leadership skill.

* Added more blacksmithing recipes.
* Added more leatherworking recipes.
* Added anvils and leatherworking benches to mainland cities.

Bug fixes:
* Fixed Armor Class in item identification window.
* Fixed "Guild name:" text in player identify window.
* Fixed a bug where players would sometimes lose newly acquired items.
* Fixed crafting leather armors.
* Fixed trainers, bankers and vendors in mainland cities.

* Increased hate generation by 25% when using shields.

* Soul Fire skill has proper icon now.
* Holy Shield skill has proper icon now.

* Added one Tier 2 skill.

2017.08.23: Pacthed to 0.18.0

Features / changes:
* Visual improvements to Tradeskills menu.
* Added tooltips to hotkeyed skills.
* Added Item enchanting.
* Added more blacksmithing recipes.
* Added leatherworking.

Bug fixes:
* Weapon damage range is properly shown in item identify window instead of 0-0.
* Salvaging menu no longer lists items you cannot salvage due to being bought from shops.
* Tradeskill lists now properly update after salvaging / forging something and the inventory lists being changed due to that.
* Anvil now has proper graphics.
* Fixed a bug which caused items in bodies be invisible if there are multiple bodies on screen.
* Fixed a bug where having multiple characters could remove all items from some characters occasionally. Whopsie.
* Fixed a bug where closing chat box after entering a message would occasionally leak the key press opening various menus.
* Fixed a bug which made every skill allow dualwielding.
* Fixed a bug where skills would reset eachother's cooldown.

2017.08.20: Patched to 0.17.1

Features / changes:
* Reduced cost of melee weapon skills from 600gold to 100gold.
* Slightly reduced the skill experience tables to be more in line with level experience.
* Added Trader class.
* Added blacksmithing with several low level item recipes.
* Added salvaging.
* Increased experience share range in parties from 8 tiles to 14 tiles.
* Increased experience gain in parties.
* Reduced mana vial cost from 25gold to 10gold to match healing vial's cost.

Bug fixes:
* Prevented rolling item rarity for initial gear and gear bought from shops.
* Fixed the slight mismatch that client was showing for experience required for level. Server had slightly higher expectation of the amount.
* Fixed a bug when client would crash when training stats.
* Fixed a bug where stat training would actually cost slightly more than shown.
* Fixed non mana user's visual glitch in the vitality window (exp bar and reputation bar).

* Reduced Smite base damage by 30%, increased intelligence coefficiency from 1.0 to 1.5.
* Reduced Holy Fire mana cost by 40%.

2017.08.16: New website

We got a new website host, the new site is Also, you will need to update your auto updater from Downloads section (version 1.3.0), the old updater cannot update the game properly anymore.

2017.08.16: Out of small hiatus

Cyldan development had a small hiatus during last year. Hopefully we can get back on track again.